Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Blazing Through Fear

snowpolodavos.com - One morning, I had a home with an office and my collected belongings spanning my life plus the 18 years that I resided at that address. By that afternoon, Red Cross workers were handing me a toiletry kit and asking if I needed a bed. Somewhere between the two events, I was given morphine and lived through the first day in a much-appreciated blur.

It was shortly after 10am., there were two offers on my desk for one of my properties. One was all cash; the other paid more but involved a loan. I gave myself until noon to decide and write the counter offers. About 100K in profit was at stake. I needed the funds to keep my crumbling empire afloat just a little while longer. snowpolodavos.com

As soon as I lost my desk and computer, it was the beginning of the end. But on the actual day of the fire, I simply disappeared and neither side heard from me. That property was later lost to foreclosure when the tenant stopped paying and I couldn't cover the note. I almost sold it before the market dropped causing many homes to fall to half value.

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